eAmazônia begins elaboration of retrofit projects for UFAC's Public Lighting

IP measurement process

Last week, researchers and fellows from the Neipa project (Amazon Center for Excellence in Public Lighting) carried out a survey of the current system of Public Lighting (PI) in the internal area of ​​the Federal University of Acre. This project is carried out in partnership with the National Electric Energy Conservation Program (Procel), carried out under the ECV-PRFP 001/2021 agreement. Among the data collected, we can mention the number of poles at the university, the distance between the poles and the poles to the public road, the width of sidewalks, the height of the poles and the distance from the poles to the pedestrian crossing

The survey of the university's lighting system is necessary for the production of lighting projects on the platform Dialuxwhich is a software used to carry out computer simulations of lighting projects. From the lighting projects developed in the Dialux, the University's Public Lighting retrofit will start.

The Ufac IP Retrofit is a process to improve old installations, reusing the lamp posts that are already installed at the university, but replacing the sodium vapor lamps with LED luminaires, which are more sustainable, economical and efficient, in addition to correct problems in the distance and size of the luminaire arms on the poles in order to improve the lighting capacity and make the roads safer and more comfortable for the users.

In addition to the retrofit of street lighting on the campus's roads, the project also includes the implementation of a photometric measurement laboratory and training courses on public lighting projects, which will be offered in the coming months. More information about the project can be found on the dedicated page www.eamazonia.org/neipa and also on the institution's social networks.