eAmazônia's main asset are its employees. The Center has a very dedicated team of researchers with a notable technical capacity in their field of activity.

eAmazônia aims to contribute to the training and qualification of skilled labor in the legal Amazon region, taking advantage, whenever possible, of local researchers in the projects it carries out.

The statutory bodies, the General Assembly, the Fiscal Council, the Board of Directors and the Executive Board ensure the institution's continuous progress.

Equipe realizando medições em campo
The Assembleia Geral is the maximum deliberative body of the center, being composed of its members: Centrais Elétricas Brasileiras S.A. (Eletrobras) and the Federal University of Acre (Ufac).
The Conselho Fiscal is the accounting-financial inspection body composed of 3 (three) effective members and 3 (three) alternates.
Mario José Pires 

Presidente indicado pela Eletrobrás 

Ary Xavier de Arruda Neto

Indicado pela Eletrobrás 

Cleide Maria Oliveira da Cruz Maia

Indicada pela UFAC

Sandro Natalino Damásio 

Suplente indicado pela Eletrobrás 

Renato Pereira Mahler

Suplente Indicado pela Eletrobrás 

Tone Eli da Silva Roca

Suplente Indicada pela UFAC

The Board of Directors is the collegiate body for management and deliberation, made up of seven members, linked to the Eletrobras, Ufac, Eletronorte, Seict and Fieac Institutions.
Ricardo André Marques

Presidente indicado pela Eletrobrás 

Raul Balbi Sollero

Indicado pela Eletrobrás 

Rodrigo Regis de Almeida Galvão

Indicado pela Eletrobrás

Moacyr Pereira dos Santos

Indicado pela Eletrobrás 

Alexandre Ricardo Hid 

Indicado pela UFAC 

Ricardo Damasceno

 Indicado pela SEICT 

Márcio Valter Agiolfi

Indicado pela FIEAC

Rui Henrique P. L. de Albuquerque

Suplente Indicado pela Eletrobrás 

The Executive Board is the body whose object is to carry out the management execution of the Entity, being composed of the Chief Executive Officer, Administrative and Financial Director and the Technological Development Director.
Moacyr Pereira dos Santos

                   Diretor Presidente                    Indicado pela Eletrobrás 

Gleyson de Sousa Oliveira

       Diretor Administrativo-Financeiro      Indicado pela UFAC

Rafael Meirelles David 

Diretor de Desenvolvimento Tecnológico Indicado pela Eletrobrás